Wednesday, August 27, 2014


One of the advantages of living in Paris is that you can buy a baguette, some cheese, olives and a bottle of wine and have a picnic at Versailles, just in 20 minutes by car.
That’s exactly what Edo and I did last Sunday.
Parisian weather was merciful with us, so we decided to visit only the gardens, keeping the visit of the inside for next winter. It was a good idea, since the park is really enormous. Every corner has its peculiarities: the Bacchus and the Apollo’s fountain, the Colonnade, the Ballroom, the tall white statues… really, every 20 meters, there is some secret to discover. Even a funny cat that was sleeping under a tree!
My favourite part was maybe the Orangerie, a large area with a pool, four gardens with the same dimension and similar geometric design and of course hundreds of orange threes. I wonder how many love stories have born in those gardens and how many intrigues were hidden behind the hedges!
We also saw an amazing spectacle of musical waterworks that we enjoyed so much. It was so romantic <3. I can’t wait to come back and see the rest of the palace!


Elisabetta Franchi ripped jeans
Jonak low boots
Pinko sweater
Zara bag (winter 2013)


  1. Beautiful! I love your boots a lot and you are so lucky! I'm trying to go to Paris next year! It's been a dream of mine!

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